The Jeep gets a slight edge because its seats are otherwise wide and comfortable, and the rear seats slide forward and back; the Mazda’s backseat does not. To that end, we were shocked to see a Pandora tab on the CX 5’s multimedia screen, because the optional system otherwise looks like it pre dates Pandora internet radio and possibly smartphones overall. We also find its TomTom navigation interface perplexing even after plenty of exposure and practice.

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Sadly, hearing that Jesse left us for heaven Saturday is what caused me to stop and reflect on that special time in my life, and I wish to extend my deepest condolences to his wife and family.In closing, I also send special thanks to reader Matt Wescott for finding an error in my recent column about the death of Matthew Stacey and the Bedford community rally to help him obtain a liver transplant.Matt correctly pointed out that I incorrectly referenced Matthew as needing a kidney transplant. I expect the reason for my mistake is because Renee and I have been praying daily for my childhood friend, Paul Ford, who is in desperate need of a kidney transplant.In addition to always wanting to be correct, what I appreciate most about Matt pointing out the error is it gives me opportunity to ask cheap football jerseys believers to pray for Paul that a kidney be made available for him ASAP.It seems like such an extreme request, knowing someone must give up a kidney, or, have lost their life in order for him to have a transplanted one. Still, the technology has long been available and the desire to hold on to life has never been greater, especially for such a great person as my friend, Paul..

The mayor has articulated, the point of these upzones has been to be able to work in some sort of supply of affordable units, says John Fox of the Seattle Displacement Coalition. Removing the mandatory housing would the entire purpose, or rationale, of the upzone itself. Valdez, executive director of Smart Growth Seattle, which represents developers and generally advocates for the least restrictive building policy possible, is Fox intellectual foe on all things development in Seattle.